Style & Shoot For Gopogo

  • Fun and energetic vibes are what we can feel when visiting this cafe. We will be served as if it's morning - not because of the decoration but, the hospitality that we get from the waiter and staffs. Besides, there is no wifi too so, we can get closer to our companion while enjoying our meal. What about the food itself? Be ready not to drool yourself while seeing the photos below.

  • This is Indonesia's traditional snack, Banana Fritter which we can enjoy them with sambal (Indonesia spicy sauce). It tastes spicy and sweet at the same time - feels like doing bungee jumping in a flower garden.

  • Taste of the juicy steak are just unforgettable (just like first time when we fall in love) - in spite of their texture difference.

  • Black, brown, beige represents the diversity of the coffee's taste provided here. It reflects our diverse people - no matter how old we are, what our occupations are or who our favourite boyband is, we all love coffee ... don't we?