Brushes From Hell

    Brushes From Hell
  • Hi there!
    Gain an authentic analogic print look with this set of brushes.
    My process to make distressed borders to simulate an analogic print effects has always been drawing flat and applying effects (photoshop filters or brushes). Disappointed with the results I decided to create this pack of brushes. Using directly the brushes to ink my sketch that process has become easy and fast.

    Purchasing this bundle you'll also get a little selection of gritty textures from The Thrasher Collection( which it will give a dirtier effect to your designs.
  • Inside the pack you'll find:
    - 20 SUPER EASY TO USE Photoshop brushes.
    - 5 Grit textures in high resolution Tiff format
    - Installation Guide
    - FREE updates when new brushes are added to the set.

    - Photoshop CC.

    I hope you like the pack. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with it!
    Please respect my work and do not sell/upload these files to any other websites. Do not post the direct link of the file to any other website, if you want to share this pack, please share this post / page. I have used a lot of time and effort making these textures, so please respect my rules. Or I have my right to take legal actions.


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