Emotional Nature

  •  Common conceptions of nature, such as a sunny forest or an untamed mountainside, are the products of human minds rather than a solid idea of what nature is. I wanted to investigate how these depictions of nature can reflect desires for perfection, mystery, uniqueness, and love. When thinking about the artificiality of images of nature, I looked into home decor pictures sold online. I started taking them apart and putting them back together again and writing poetry based on the elements in the collages to explore the purposes of these popular images.
  • Is there value in these romanticized images of nature? Can a fake portrayal of nature become a real expression of something else? What role do they play in our lives? What draws us to nature as the source for these expressions? 
  • Considering how this exploration of nature imagery could be undertaken by others, I made a web interface  that allows users to select images based on a filter of emotions. The home decor images would be combined, and poetry would be generated from the resulting picture. The final product would be sent back to the user.