Printing Codes

  • Laser cut plexi collection (left), light box (right)
  • Detail of a gel-pen study
  •                                           Coded pattern in processing
  • This project visualizes the codes I created in Processing. I wrote a recursive function that rotates and decreases each fractal in length. I found it interesting how a slight change in the rotation angle changes the shape so drastically. And I wanted to explore how the 2D lines look in a 3 dimensional context. 

    I laser engraved the lines on clear acrylic and stacked the pieces together. Then I created a light box that emits light through a slit. When the light hits each of the layers, it almost creates a fluid motion.

  • I wrote another recursive function as a 3-dimensional object and 3D printed it. Each fractal consists of three cubes rotating at its center.