Waffle Crisps

  •      This project was for a class called Playing in the Kitchen, where we designed products and systems related to food and beverages.  We were assigned to do two potentially related projects throughout the semester, and we had the freedom to choose what we were interested in studying. For the first project, I decided to focus on how coffee shops use their refillable mugs and bottles systems. I discovered that a lot of coffee shops do not actually advertise the discounts that they give on bringing a reusable beverage container, and if they did, the information would be somewhere extremely unnoticeable. This made me realize that the food and beverage industry was a huge contributor to the amount of trash being thrown into the landfills all the time.
              For my second project, I decided that I wanted to make a product that would potentially help reduce the problem. My Waffle Crisps idea came from the intention to reduce the amount of plastic spoons being thrown into the trash in ice cream stores. Even though I did make packaging for it, I believe that Waffle Crisps would be most effective in reducing plastic trash if it were to either be given out or sold in ice cream shops along with the ice cream you order.


    The first round of prototyping my Waffle Crisps was done in my kitchen with one waffle cone iron. The most difficult part was finding a recipe that not only tasted good and would not break when scooping, but would also be flexible enough to bend as soon as it came off the iron.
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  • Article

    After both projects, we had to write an article explaining why we did what we did. We also had design a mock-up of the article, as if it was published in some media source. I decided that Time Magazine was a good choice for my topic because the problem I was tackling is a serious issue, but with a fun twist.

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