Metals Exploration

  • Metals exploration

    This piece was made as the final project of my Metals II class. For this project, I machined aluminum and steel on several machines, including a vertical milling machine and a lathe, in order to explore different techniques taught in the class, and to better understand the capabilities of the machines and the materials. Since I wasn’t constrained to making a functional item, I had a great deal of freedom to explore many different things, but I still ended up making a cohesive item.

  • Original drawings



    Using many different techniques in this project helped me understand the importance of order of operations and tolerance in manufacturing. The press-fitted piece, which is the bottom piece, wasn’t initially planned, but I saw an opportunity to use press-fitting during the build process, and I thought it would be valuable to explore that technique as well.
  • The cap on top also wasn’t included as part of my initial plans, but at the last minute I felt like the object wasn’t complete, so I decided to make that component. It ended up being one of the more interesting parts of this project -- as shown in the video, it’s flippable and makes a clinking sound.

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