• This project was an installation created for Room 103 in RISD’s CIT building. Using a minimal amount of materials and lighting, our team has created a tunnel of which gallery attendees coming to and from the Sol Koffler Gallery may participate. In essence, we have created an extension of the art gallery itself.

    From one, singular line this structure completely transforms the space to create an experiential architecture that unfolds for visitors as it is perceived through each individual's movement through space and time. This new installation engages a portion of the building that had previously been overlooked. By engaging not only the rear corridor of the first floor, but also an entryway that was merely covered by chalkboards a number of days ago, this space is now rejuvenated into an elegant, almost classic, chamber.

    The space is distinguished by 6 delicate panels that each present a different challenge or pathway through which you can traverse through the space.  As visitors move through the passageway, they will experience a flow between light and art and one must decide to go over, through, sideways, or around each frame depending on their own interpretation of the space.

    This project was created as a group collaboration between: Madelyn Albright, Alex Trajanov & Xiohai Zhou,