CHOOSE YOUR HERO: Lithograph Prints

  • In this course, I was introduced to the printmaking process of lithography and was tasked to create a series of five mini prints (each no bigger than four inches). Graining a stone, etching an image into its surface with acid, and running it through the press was so labor-intensive that it often took days to be able to print one image. In the end, I was rewarded with a series of sweet prints and stronger arms – not bad for a class only six weeks long.
  • Prints made using lithographic ink: "The Songbird's Vigil", "Thief", and "Service Hotline".
  • Prints made using lithographic crayon: "Clover Belle" and "The Entertainer".
  • Two prints etched into a stone, ready to print.
  • Left to right: original drawing, image transfer onto stone, final drawing, final print.