Urban Grotto

  • An abandoned lot in a busy part of downtown Providence is transformed into an otherworldly space. A terraced landform creates a performance space and amphitheater as well as seating for lunching workers. A dripping fountain runs year round, in the winter the fountain produces icicles naturally, in spring and fall icicles are grown around refrigerated tubing. Purple materials and lighting add vibrancy to this derelict lot.This park is a reinterpretation of the grotto typology popular in Mannerist Italy, made relevant for the urban environment.
  • Illustrative plan- Sophora japonica trees complement the color pallette and flowers have a similar form to the driping icicle.
  • East- West section facing South, two story market pavillion is integrated into the landform.
  • CAD plan
  • The Icicle Fountain works by dripping water down a wire. Refrigerated tubing such as that which is used for freezing the ice in ice skating rinks freezes the drips of water as they fall.  In summertime the fountain runs water along the wires in its liquid state without freezing.
  • A zoomed in detail of the fountain pipe.
  • Model: Chipboard, cardboard, and plastilina:
    Initial Concept: Stalactite\mite. Landforms of accumulation would reciprocate the presence of icicles hanging off the buildings.