This project is a part of my material exploration on Felt.
    We were assigned to make a pair of slippers with our materials.  
    Luckily I acquired a ring of felt sample swatches for free from a very kind company. 
    The project became to investigate a way to apply the tiny swatches into the upper. 

    The solution was designing a webbing pattern that could form an upper by sewing these swathes together. 
    Each panel in the pattern is able to be cut from a felt swatch.
    A few patterns were drafted but the Hexagons was proved to be the most efficient in the usage of swatches. 
  • Several prototypes were made prior to the final product.
    The 1st paper model was made to design the shape of the upper, and possibility of pattern. 
    The 2nd paper model was made to finalize the upper and the pattern
    The felt model was made to realize the slipper in the same material, and to test the comfortability.
    The seam in the middle bulges up the shape and turn the flat pattern into a 3D form.

  • Thanks for viewing!