• This project was part of IntAR's Structures & Materials course as a means to embed structural thinking and understanding when shaping the material world as a designer. In this project, we were divided into teams of 4 and were provided discarded fragments of pre-used furniture in order to re-use these provided pieces in an altered form. We were asked to attach new structural design elements to devise an object which functions as a chair, but doesn't look like a typical chair or bench. 

    Our project, Revelation, means the uncovering or disclosing of an event that may have been previously hidden or concealed. Inspired by the resemblance between our given piece that mimicks that of a Gothic arch, we borrow the Catholic tradition of the confessional and created a space where two people could participate in a modern rite of confession. Technology and social media keep us behind our screens, while eroding our sense of the personal and privacy. Spaces for physical and tangible connection are more important than ever. In contrast to the privacy of the confessional booth this seat would be placed in a populated space, where intimacies and secrets can be shared between strangers or friends alike. One the confessor and another the revelator. What kind of revelation will you have? Take a seat and find out.

    This piece will be on display in the Sol Koffler gallery as part of the Interior Architecture biennial (Feb 2018) and was completed in collaboration with Anna Albrecht, Naeera Ali, and Zhou Yu.