"Wave" Installation, Sponsored by Newark Arts Council

  • This idea evolved from the gracious offer of an entire first floor of a block-long, abandoned office building on Broad Street in Newark, NJ. Thanks to the Newark Arts Council and Index Art Center, Oculus Art Collaborative was granted access to this space for a one-time exhibition featured in the city-wide Open Doors arts month of October 2012. We envisioned to transform every room into its artists' manifestation within that space, as opposed to simply hanging art. Each participant brought everything they had to their spaces, imagining and re-imagining the potential of their space and its place in the collective. This was the first opportunity of its kind for all of us.

    The first office room visible upon entering the space is seen through a small window cut from the front wall. A column in the main entrance and a column in the first room connect those spaces. I created an insinuation of a wave-like surface using various gauges of rope and lit it with color. I was inspired to evoke mathematics, yet kept my vision broad enough to allow for experimentation. 

    This sketch served as a final visual explanation for myself to clarify what I was going to do, yet the final design arose from the process of tacking rope to the walls. 
  • please visit Oculus Art Collaboritve's Facebook page to see the installations by artists Heidi Hussa, Nicole Crisbacher, Colin Shields, Frank Anderson, Jeff Koroski, Kevin Durkin, Alex Cumming, Linda Chen, Jesse Benicaso, Taylor Deltz, Matt Gosser, and Lowell Craig.