• Suru: To Make
    The Suru collection is designed to encourage users to think about the relationship they have with "everyday objects" through interaction. 

    What makes an object more than just an "everyday object" that people can grow an attachment to? What features would make users interact with a familiar design in an unusual way? What would make it a fun and experimental experience for everyone to start thinking what effect they project onto an object? In this mass-produced age, do objects still have value beyond their physical existence or are they still capable of generating emotional value? 

  • The Suru Collection includes two pieces: a chair that can make butt prints and a color changing pillow on a pedestal. 

    The action of making a butt print and pulling it out references to going to the toilet, therefore the paper roll is integrated into the form to echo the form of a toilet and to satisfy the need of feeding paper.  
    The color changing pillow mimics the feeling of a blob to create an illusion of it melting along the pedestal, connecting the soft pillow and rigid frame and invite people to lean on it. 
  • The inspiration comes from many the Harris Mat - a mat that doctors and shoemakers use to get footprints, Despicable Me movie - minions printing butts on a Xerox machine, Color Changing Slime - Thermochromatic paint that react to temperature changing, and random ideas related to heatmap, color changing, photocopying and mark making of body part. 
  • To make a print, sit on the seat and wiggle as much as you want! After wiggling, lift the seat panel and check out your butt print! If you are happy with it, pull the paper through the tear bar at the front, rip it off and take it with you!
  • The design process focused on designing a smooth experience of add ink, feed paper, flip seat and tear paper. The ink method evolved from stamping with a piece of foam to transferring ink from a gridded piece of silicone. The molded silicone piece provides a more refined pattern, is more durable than foam and saves more ink.  
  • The prints feature a unique texture, they capture the shape and pressure point of butt prints. The abstractness and richness in detail of the marks elevate these prints to potential art pieces. Users can present the prints as a piece of their artwork. 
    While butt prints are not commonly recognized as the most decent image, and people are sometimes embarrassed by leaving such marks; these prints encourage people to actively engage in an action they normally wouldn't desire. They encourage people to think why this may differ from their everyday experience.  
  • Users are invited to interact with the body stamp stand in whatever way they want. The stand is designed at a height which is too high for a stool but a height comfortable to lean on. 
    The thermochromatic paint remains blue when the room temperature is below 76F and changes to violet when touched by anything higher than 76F. When human body temperature is usually 97.7–99.5F, the pillow changes color when it is touched by a person. 
  • Thanks for viewing!