Design: What RISD Doesn't Know

  • Task: Create a participatory and collaborative experience/event/artwork that not only produces a physical object, but also focuses on engagement through human interaction and social discourse

    For my final project, I created a space in which each member of my class had to take a photo of themselves, write something RISD doesn't know about them on it, pin it onto the wall, and watch as they all develop. This resulted in a candid, reflective documentation of the moment in the era of iPhone selfies--giving each subject only one chance to take the photo. 

    In addition, while being in class with these people for several months, I aimed to argue that we still don't really know one another. By writing something RISD didn't know about them on their photo offered the opportunity to share something personal or informal in order to ignite curiosity and discussion amongst the group. 

    Gaetano-Adi Design
    Fall 2017