Porsche Watering Can

  • The watering can project was a branding exercise where we were challenged to convey an existing brand's design language through a watering can. I chose Porsche because I was interested in the way different curves flow smoothly into one another in their car designs. I enjoyed exploring how Porsche cars, both new and old, have their curved designs punctuated by the occasional sharp edge.

  • Inspiration
  • Sketches and prototypes
    In order to reach the final form, during the prototyping phase, I had to go back and forth between sketching on paper and making small foam or clay sketch models. Because of going back and forth, I was able to better visualize what I wanted my final form to be and how to improve my sketch models to reach that point.

  • Process
    To create the form, I carved the main shape out of blue foam and wood, and then spackled it. In order to remove imperfections, I sprayed the form with grey primer, so that imperfections would become visible, and then sanded the imperfections down. Finally, I attached the handle and sprayed the entire form with a metallic grey finish.

  • Final Form

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