CAD Renderings 2017

  • CAD RND                           using Rhino & Brazil
  •    a series of glasses textured and modeled 
         using Grasshopper Rhino plug-in
  •     this Platner's chair modeled with texture and
    realistic materials in mind
  •      Le Creuset's Mini Round Cocotte demonstrated
       with also modeled brownie
  •     infamous Carwadine Lamp with lit light bulb
  •       my quick design of a disposable pair 
            of headphones for in-flight use
  •     if there is a lunchbox for retro gamers, 
            there is my rendition of it.
  •     funky-looking but functional table-vacuum
  •     Audi-R8, modeled with trials and errors
  • ↑↓     class-A surfacing (not solid), realistic light models,
                         carefully-crafted materials, close attention to 
                                        lightings to accentuate curvatures
  •     overall view
  • [-end of work-]
  • -   works were done for Advanced CAD - Fall 2017
        massive shout-out to Brian James, 
                  a CAD expert and a wonderful person
  • ♥   ,,APPRECIATE'' is appreciated.