SPRING 2017
  • In this project, we were asked to create 100 drawings and 100 images of any kind. The aspects I was focusing on are spontaneity and the ability to produce without thinking about the content. To me, the ability to generate without too much rational design thinking is a way to stimulate new ideas and avoid being constrained by my preconceptions. 
  • The prompt to this project is the word "sequence". I see comic as a sequence that delivers ideas in a effective way. But wouldn't it be better if comics can be read not only visually, but also physically?  I created a sequence of embroidered cartoon story. Instead of flipping the pages, the reader would have to unzip each layer and turn the pillows to read the entire story.  
  • If only memories can be stored as easily as a digital file. 
  • Abstraction.  Ink print on rice paper.
  • A working record player that spins following the music being played. The color and pattern of the area where the needle touches responds to the mood of the music. Appreciate the music in colors as you listen to it.