MINT Museum of Toys Rebranding

  • I focused on making the identity visually appealing and friendly for museum visitors
    MINT Museum of toys is branded not only with the type but also with the patterns that symbolize the unique floors that the museum has. Each pattern was inspired by the object that is in the particular floor. In order to create harmonious relationship with geometric cut-out patterns and typography, I chose to use typeface Circular, which has geometric characteristics. Moreover, in order to achieve the friendly and approachable branding, I incorporated Enfantine, a script typeface, to visualize the activeness of the museum. The color palette is a mix of dull and eye-catching colors to characterize the museum. 

  • For the printed collateral for advertisement and informing the audience, I wanted to try a new approach, different from the usual media such as pamphlet. Inspired by the objective of this museum, I designed these coloring postcards that reflect the idea of gifting the moment. Having patterns that symbolize each floor at the back of the postcard, the recipients can look for the particular artwork in the museum, adding to the museum’s adventurous characteristic.