Assemblage City

  •                Perplexia  7x9 in   collage on canvas
  • Mission Statement   42x56 in   house paint, spray paint, pine cones, etc on fruit pallette
  • Lumps  9x12 in  pom poms, etc strapped on canvas
  •  Full Realization  7x9 in   multi-media on canvas
  •  Sheltered Melange  7x9 in  paper, ink, acrylic and cardboard on canvas
  •             Medicine Cabinet  7x9 in  paper, mirror, singular of dice on canvas
  •  Little Aluminum  4x6 in  enamel, spray paint, straws, pom poms on aluminum
  •         Life in the Headlands  10x14 in  enamel and eggshell on aluminum