Subjective Metal Exploration

    (Metal I)
  • The following are projects and studies that I completed in 2012 through hand powered manufacturing processes. I utilized tools including the slip roll, finger break, courner notcher, jump shear and  drill press.

  • Aluminium Triangle Toy
    The triangle piece is made of 3 indentical pieces formed from sheet aluminium. The  2 pieces form a continuous track for a perfectly rolled cyllander to spin on. Modules are held together by 2 countersunk screws that lay flesh with the track. 
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    'Bucket' Coffee Cozy
  • For all of those commuters who don't enjoy spilling coffee all over themselves...

    This coffee holder coordinates centrifugal force, natural walking habits and a
    hot beverage.

  • Material: 2 pieces of steel wire.

    Pieces lock together
    Tin Sheet, Contracting Train
  • The second version of this project depends on hinges and curves for compression rather then on the flexibility of the tin. This change gives the metal a more usable life. 

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  • 'Whip' Moving Sculpture
  • This assignment was to create a sculpture using a drill with a focus on movement. Materials: metal ( piano wire, nuts,bolts, ball bearings, steel wire. 

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     (metal II)
  • Done on indexing head on a Bridgeport Milling Machine
  • Salt and Peper Shakers, Bridgeport Milling Machine ( index head) and Lathe
    for more on this project, click here