345 (originally titled 303)

  • An amulet must protect its wearer, just as wealth protects the powerful from accountability, and gun advocates claim that a "good guy with a gun" can protect from a "bad guy with a gun".

    The Trump Campaign received $30.3 million from the NRA in the 2016 election. 
    At the time of casting and etching these brooches two months ago there had been 303 shootings in 2017.
    At the time of publishing this project on the last day of 2017, there have been 345.
    A gun won't save you, but maybe $30.3 million dollars will.
  • 345 Brooches
    30.3 Million | Crosshairs | Golden Boy

  • 345 Pendants
    Golden Boy | Amulet | Silver Bullet | 50 cents

  • Golden Boy
    Gold-plated sterling silver cast from wax and a penny roll
  • Amulet
    Sterling silver locket with dollar bill encased inside
  • Silver Bullet 
    Sterling silver bullet cast from wax and a dollar bill
  • 50 Cents
    Bullet cast from 50 pennies and placed back in original penny roll, held from a leather suspension
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