w a t e r - Mens Tailoring

  • Sometimes he is floating, and sometimes he is drowning.

    As something that surrounds, nourishes, and flows through us, water is a substance that we are closely intimate with. Yet there is an aspect to water that remains mysterious and frightening, a dormant power it possesses over us. This collection is an exploration of the feeling of water. When we are surrounded by it, we experience its smooth sensation on our skin that subtly culminates into a forceful pressure against our bodies. When we are submerged in it, we experience a dream-like weightlessness that is overshadowed by its ability to overtake and drown us.

    Through a dialogue between fine tailoring and voluminous drapes, this collection embodies the tension between the weight and lightness of water. Characteristics such as raw edges, natural creases, as well as biased-cuts exploit inherit or “pure” properties of fabric. Various layers of translucencies are paired with fluid silhouettes and asymmetric composition. The color palette is composed of de-saturated blues drawn from Asako Narahashi’s portraits of Japan through the perspective of bodies of water. Since the garments function more as fine art as opposed to wearable objects, there is not specific customer, and the works can be displayed in a gallery setting without a human form. 

    WATER is a men’s tailoring collection that expresses the spirit and sensation between water and the body.

    Model: Adam Fertig