Thorn Floral Pattern

  • Prompt: Using live flowers, draw until inspiration strikes. Based off of the drawings, design a floral half-drop pattern

    Timeline: 2 weeks

    What I found most inspiring to draw was not the flowers themselves, but thorns I plucked off a rose. It amused me to see them this way.
  • Week 1: I went ahead to make a mock composition using chalk pastel, continuing to be amused. 
  • 14" x 30" chalk pastel on paper
  • Week 2: Making the final pattern, I had a last minute change of heart. In an effort to make the composition more dynamic, I ended up far from the original emotion of my sketch and added petals and leaves of the rose in with the thorns. 
  • 24" x 38" acrylic on paper
  • This rendition is not the final form, to be updated soon.