Goldfish Pattern Collection

  • Prompt: Design a three piece collection of patterns using stencils and stamps

    Timeline: 3 Weeks
  • Week 1: I made a watercolor painting to explore the topic of goldfish. I played with compositional elements and colors, and although I changed my final color pallet, a few motifs and central ideas for composition were rendered from this first sketch.
  • Week 2: I designed 17 motifs focusing on three elements: water, habitat, and social behaviors of goldfish. I drew inspiration from watching my own goldfish swimming, and from watching light reflecting through the water. I considered what type of flora was present in the tanks, and the social interactions between goldfish as I watched. The stamps were made from cut linoleum blocks and the stencils were cut from acrylic sheet. Below are the resulting print shapes.
  • Week 3: I decided to add two more large motifs to my toolbox, and proceeded to make my three compositions. I used acrylic fabric scraps from the store. From first to last, the ideas for the goldfish compositions were: indoor habitat, rising and diving in the pond, and the natural beauty of goldfish. 
  • Below: 36"x 40" Inside and Happy
  • Below: 36" x 60" The Pond
  • Below: 36" x 40" Fancy Goldfish
  • Thanks for looking!