A Homage to Summer

  • During the break, out of curiosity, I signed up for a day Risoprint workshop in Korea.
    As it was rather the end of my summer, I decided to pay a homage to my break. 

    With absolutely no internships and occupations, my summer was a weird combination of self-imposed anxiety, enjoyment, relaxation, and many catching-up-over-food events with friends and acquaintances. I also started writing short personal essays (usually around 5 sentences) every day.
    Considering the odd ensemble, I created a poster celebrating my transition from the 2nd year of college to my third year. I set the background as text from my diaries because they were constantly in the back of my head, as well as all my appointments with friends, family, and errands. The images were photoshopped from my own photos. I decided to keep the figures throughout the posters as my family because I always feel like I do not give them the acknowledgment and love that they deserve.

    The poster is a reminder for myself, whenever I lean towards the self-imposed anxiety (and result) of ‘resume-worthy’ activity-free summer, of how my summer was pretty ok.

    Risoprint Orange and Blue
    Typeface: Noto Sans CJK KR regular 
    Helvetica Bold, Helvetica Bold Oblique
  • Posters pdfs in several layers for risoprinting
  • Various elements of poster
  • Poster exhibited for a few weeks in Brown University's Granoff Center