• 'Take - out': An archive of Ja Yoon Lee eating out from 09/21/2017 - 09/30/2017.
    Paper used - Glossy cardstock for cover, white 80lb cover paper for body text.
    Typeface used - Proxima Nova black, semibold, Skolar bold, regular, Noto Sans CJK KR regular

  • For our first project in Design Studio 3, we were asked to create an archive of anything. The archive was related to how a collection and organization of data, can deliver a certain message. The initial stage required collecting 50 images, and I realized the abundance of food photos that I had. The images were mostly the dishes I shared with friends. 

    The second part was to create one informational publication and poetic publication. During the process, I realized the social aspect of food that was often neglected by the act of taking food pictures. As I researched into people taking pictures of their meals to the point of annoying the partner or other diners, and serious cases which some people care solely about the food.

    As a result, for the final project, I focused on the social aspect of grabbing lunch, dinner, or coffee with someone. The stories and dialogs that happen over a dish. A reader can ‘take-out’ an image of dialog from my meal. Each section is divided as a meal, but the context is mostly about the person (or people) I ate with, and our conversation. The publication delivers the social moments collected by food. 

  • Spreads of final publication
  • Final publication in use