Armor 1 + 2

    Armor 1
    Laser cut black presentation board, metal jumprings
    Python and Rhinoceros

    This garment is comprised of designs based on a code that generates fractals. This was an exploration of developing a generative system that pushes an existing system to create different results. A collaboration of choice and chance.
  • Armor 2
    Laser cut ivory mat board, white thread, cheese cloth
    Python and Rhinoceros 

    An iteration of Armor 1, this garment utilized the same fractal generating code but pushes the fragile materiality of paper and cloth to create the illusion of protection and power. As the wearer moves with this garment, the sharp edges of the laser cut pieces snag and stretch the cheese cloth. The garment warps and distorts over time and will eventually destroy itself. 

  • Model: Hannah Yi.
    Spatial Dynamics with Kai Franz. Fall 2015.