Foundations Drawings

  • Crayfish Drawings:
    Create five cosmologies inspired by the crayfish.Then, taking those drawings, combine them together to create a larger, final piece. The first image is the final conte crayon drawing of three drawings combined. I made a separate exploratory drawing using one of my initial drawings to show the crayfish's ability to turn their blood cells into neurons. 
  • Transparent Constructions & Master Painting Analysis:
    The idea behind Transparent Constructions is to make drawings spatial through transparent lines and seeing how things connect in a composition while incorporating at least two sets of stairs, three animals, three arches, and a skull. 
    For the Final project, we started by using the techniques learnt in constructing transparencies to analyze a painting. I chose Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Self Portraits:
    The prompt was to create portraits of yourself and a skull, yourself with yourself, and a study of at least five hands. All are done from imagination and looking at a mirror.
  • Final Drawings:
    Using the Master Painting Analysis done before, we were told to incorporate at least two figures in the painting plus yourself to create a new composition. I chose to make a large kaleidoscope drawing, transforming the same image twelve times. As part of the process, I created the piece digitally on photoshop first after making one of the twelve pieces to get a sense of what it will look like. For our in-class final, we made tonal figure drawings (like the one above).