• Spring semester 2017: Prototyping form
    Instructor: Ayako Takase
    Time: 2 weeks

    The Oceanic series:

    Tools are the epiphany of industrialization; they are brought to us by design, modeling, and manufacturing. 

    It makes one wonder, how would these tools evolve and adapt to their roles and environment had they been alive? Like sea animals?

    I wish to achieve this by exploring the form, movement, and connotation of sea life. 

  • Oceanic glue gun:


    - Burn protection shield 
    - Easy peeling nozzle
    - Electric cord bearing
  • The shield serves to protect the user's hand from touching the nozzle while providing the visual effect of a coral reef.
  • The nozzle is designed to make peeling residue glue easy.
  • Oceanic Tape Gun:


    - Horizontal handle
    - Shark teeth tape cutter
    - Peeling tape shield

  • This motion is inspired by eating seafood: peeling something open to reveal something on the inside.