Armani Website Redesign

  • Armani Website Redesign designed for the CS-130 User Interfaces and User Experience course at Brown University.
  • Above is the high fidelity redesign I have created for Armani’s home page. While examining the current Armani homepage, I noticed that there are multiple places to click that bring the user to the same page. I have improved the efficiency of this layout and use of space by getting rid of unnecessary links. I also noticed that the placement of the links change as you click them, and the users loses focus of where they are in the website. In my version, I have designed a system where the links will stay in the same location, which will make it easier for the user to understand where they are on the website, and how to navigate it. This will ultimately help the ease of learning and efficiency of use for the user.
  • Armani Website Redesign for iPhone
  • I have only included two different typefaces on the entire page, in all capital letter forms. In comparison to the original design, they have 3 different typefaces, lowercase letter forms, capital letter forms, and multiple different sizes of typefaces. I used a sans-serif typeface for the links which contrasts well with the serif Armani logo. The thin search bar compliments the simplicity of the type. The font sizes of the product navigation links “fashion” “beauty” and “lifestyle” are larger than the “contact” “log in” and “bag” links. The white text pops against the dark clothing and creates easy legibility. I also enlarged the Armani logo to give it importance and create an editorial look. Keeping the website simple when needed, and as clean as possible should help the user better understand where they are in the website. This will also help ease of learning and efficiency of use for the user.
  • Armani Website Redesign for iPad
  • I have placed an image on the entire background, along with circles in the lower center part of the page. This represents an automatic slideshow of full bleed imagery on the website. This is a trend that most fashion houses are currently using on their websites. Staying on trend will keep the website fresh, and memorable.
  • Armani Website Redesign for Macbook
  • Armani Website Redesign for iMac