CO Campaign Brand Identity

    Bringing Back Traditional Street Trader

    Shopping streets all over many of the Asian countries used to have their own street venders: dedicated grocers that had special relationships with farmers and knew everything there was to know about the fruits and vegetables they stocked. They usually sell their products with low price. But with the urbanization and increasing number of supermarkets, local street venders fell out of favor and have become harder to find because selling on the street becomes illegal in many of the cases.
    Co is trying to change that. The campaign aims to reorganize the street venders in a system so that there would not be complaints about pollutions, traffic congestions caused by the traders. Fresh produce grown by farmers would be sold in a manner that conversation is highly encouraged.The visual system remains minimal. As a throwback to the good old days of street traders, it was designed to highlight the quality of the products and pristine, hand-crafted style of packaging.

    a project by Can Yang
    Instagram: @solxus