Minimal Moon Calendar 2018

  • Minimal Moon Calendar 2018

     In this digital age with our email synchronized work meetings and appointment bookings..
    a wall calendar holds a different purpose. We like to keep it simple!

    Our Calendar is a single sheet, 12 x 24 inch, vertical hand silkscreened print. We highlighted what we felt is most important (and also seemingly gets lost in our digital agendas), full moons, new moons and weekends...Who needs much more?
  • Inspired by Massimo Vignellis' Stendig Calendar, we stuck with a display of large numbers, a simple design and a layout that serves as both a tool and as a piece of art.

    What's really nice about this Calendar is that its all numbers! Allowing it to be understood across multiple languages. We felt it was important to make the system as universal as possible. 
  • The Gregorian calendar (US standard Calendar) is the most widely used system.. consisting of a seven day week following the Solar rotation of the Earth (365.25 days, 1 leap year every four years). It is considered the Worlds "Civil Calendar" serving as the primary system used worldwide.
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