Following The Great Wall ( Single Project)

  • From the dusty desert of Gansu province to the rolling waves of the yellow sea, The Great Wall of China 
    stretches across much of North China, it is the longest man-made structure in the world, if all pieces of the 
    wall were added together, experts believe it would measure around 
    13, 171 miles ( 21,196 km).  The wall isn't just a wall- it has watchtowers, castles, and other fortifications. 
    Unfold this pull-out wall frieze and travel along the Great Wall of China.

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  • Book Front And Back Cover 
  • Book Illustration 
  • Illustration Line Work
  • Unfolded Book Front 
  • Page Close Ups
  • Published by: Lonely Planet Kids 
    Publishing Director: Piers Pickard
    Publisher: Tim Cook
    Illustrator: Victo Ngai
    Author: Stewart Ross
    Designer: Hayley Warnham
    Consultant: William Lindesay