The Cavioliths

  • The Caviolith mountain range is a curious and oft-overlooked geozoological phenomenon. Despite its unique formations, research potential, and undeniable charm, it is often bypassed in favor of the charismatic Anuran Falls to the south. In recent years, scholars have begun to investigate the Cavioliths in depth, but much of it still remains a mystery; navigation is tricky, and maps must be updated each time one of its formations awakens to wander to a new location.

    The age of each caviolith may be estimated not only by height and girth, but sometimes by the extent of vegetative growth on their surface. Exceptionally old and patient cavioliths have had trees as old as 409 years documented on their surface. However, one must use caution when using the vegetation method to determine age, as some cavioliths prefer to keep their coats clean, and a vigorous popcorning can shake loose even the strongest roots.

    Cavioliths are docile by nature and tolerate human presence. If you plan to visit during feeding season, make sure to bring earplugs to protect your hearing, as pre-feeding wheeking can reach thunderous levels.