• Marinera!
  • Part of a HP strategy was to integrate the peruvian feelings and engage it with a videogame platform, which by Peruvian Independence Day, wanted to reward their customers by playing a sort of digital parchees maze, where you can accumulate points while you buy more HP products. The prizes could be artesanal wines, tickets for cinema, and the big one was a journey to Piura, a north peruvian state when Marinera, a tipical dance, is famous because the male dancer usually ride a horse all the time.

    By that, I made some illustrations about the different kinds of Marinera steps like the zapateo (man) , the pose (girl), the chalan's step and the flirtation couple. All of them are part of the Hp platform game.
  • Team:

    Client: HP
    Ilustraciones: Frank Gago
    Programación: Joaquín de la Cruz
    Agencia digital Tresmedia