• 6 Cubes (aka "6x6 Faces")
    A one week assignment I developed for the Rhode Island School of Design's Pen and Ink course, in which students must represent 6 cubes in a variety of materials—wood, rock, glass, metal, food and a sixth, miscellaneous material of their choice.
  • Sample drawings created to illustrate the assignment. The 6 materials represented here are:
    - rock (a cuboid moon, with nods to Georges Méliès's A Trip to the Moon, Tintin, and Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon)
    - metal (a retired Super Mario)
    - glass (an octopus smitten with the Swedish warship Vasa, in a bottle)
    - miscellaneous (Blade Runner's Los Angeles in 2019)
    - wood (a treestump attacked by squirrels)
    - food (gummy bears)

    A Selection of Student Work
  • 6 Cubes by Song Kang ILLUS '16.
  • 6 Cubes by Emily Ettlinger ILLUS '16.
  • 6 Cubes by Allison Carl ILLUS '17.
  • 6 Cubes by Tom Reilly ILLUS '17.
  • 6 Cubes by Carolyn Erikson and Jordan Hsin Chen ILLUS '17.
  • 6 Cubes by Min Jeong Kim ILLUS' 16 and Shivantika Jain ILLUS '15.
  • 6 Cubes by Ming Hai ILLUS '16.