Archive of Truth and Bluff

  • Archive of Truth and Bluff
    Co-design with Mailitis A.I.I.M. architecture and design group Developed in collaboration with Signe Pērkone, Ramon Cordo- va, Patrīcija Berga, Evelien Thuysbaert, Matilda Svensk, Liina Viil, Kathleen Schmidt, Ben Hutchinson, Andreas Panayiotou

    (Published on Dezeen)

    The new development reveales vision for the complete regeneration of the Cēsis Beer Brewery, a large complex in the Latvian town of Cēsis. The unoccupied factory grounds are comprised of building stock from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, presenting a rich tapestry of Cēsis’ industrial history. It sees the site trans- formed into a vital hub of science and the arts by means of “slow architecture”
    - a gradual, transformative approach to the design of public space.
    The concept is inspirated in the memories of engineer Imants Priedītis, who worked at Cēsis Beer Brewery during the Soviet period, as well as the bricolage of built structures at the site. The installation «Archive of Truth and Bluff» is a timber frame that takes the visitor on a journey through the construction history of the brewery towards its possible future. It culminates with a terrace in the clouds that opens a view over the Castle Park.