:: Neural Architecture :: 001

  • Neural Architecture :: 001
  • These are marketing materials and product designs for the robotics company Symb.io. Symb.io Robotics is building A.I.-based control software for industrial robotics. Included in this series is the entire factory cell. The main concept I wanted to integrate was having an organic CPU shining down on the factory floor. After we hit the limits of silicone, processors are grown similar to how our brain is constructed. The brains are cooled with liquid nitrogen. Also in the scene are custom rigs. These are 3d-printed to hold parts being manufactured in place. 
    Usually all the functional ideas I have will be sketched out on paper, first. Then I start to pick n'  choose from thumbnails and start modelling the concepts. If the client does not like the 3d concepts I return to my sketchbook idea map.