Recreated Childhood

  • I've always been obsessed with the idea of a false reality created through nostalgia and romanticizing pasts. I wanted to create a body of work based on my childhood and all the different places and people I’ve idealized in my head through old photos or relics. I believe that as one revisits past memories, it becomes so easy to think that they were better than they actually were. In my collection of old childhood photos, they only capture the happiest moments, so it's easy to forget about the bad memories. I wanted to explore my fascination and fixation with my childhood, and get to the root of it. I want to question what my childhood means to me, and how it defines my idea of what family is and should be. 

    Since the second grade, my family has been living apart so my idea of family relies heavily on my childhood memories of them. I recently had a chance to look at some old photos I’ve never seen before, and I caught myself creating this picture perfect memory of them. I know that my idea of them becomes fabricated in some aspects, but if it made me feel like I had a family, I questioned if that was such a bad thing. A lot of artists tend to create these false realities when making art about their family, and I’m wondering why I started doing this as well. As well as examining my family as a whole, I also want to study my own identity within my family, especially my identity when I was a kid. To do this, I’ve been trying to recreate objects or moments from my past. I’ve found that when I try to recreate these memories, it says a lot about how I perceive them from my design choices.
  • family mantel
  • judy's classroom desk
  • baby blankie on play mat
  • judy with first classmates