Slipcast Pouring Vessel

  • Production Ceramics, Spring 2017, Instructors: Kate Blacklock, Michael Lamar
  • Slipcast Pouring Vessel
  • A playful tabletop pourer intended to enhance the act of pouring.
  • Models: Christian Palacios and Kirthank Manivannan
  • Prompt | Timeline: 3 weeks
    Design a pouring vessel that is able to hold at least 8 oz. of liquid. There should be indications of how to use your pourer.

    I decided to create a playful pourer that would lend the user to being more involved in the process of pouring. I was interested in the idea of creating a dual spout, each at a different length. These distinct lengths lead to two different experiences of pouring, as the longer spout would have a further trajectory and vice versa. I matched the angle of the spouts with the angle of the body on their respective sides. The taper of where the body meets the spouts also indicates where the user should grab the pourer.
  • Clockwise from top left: Initial sketch model, refining the initial sketch model, final scaled model, final scaled model, set-up for the mold pour, final two-part mold.
  • The pouring vessels after the bisque fire.
  • I explored a variety of glaze finishes.