Form Project

  • Industrial Design Fall '17
    Special Topics (Process) - Prototyping Form
    Professor: Ayako Takase

  • Form Project

    We were assigned two adjectives and required to create 
    3 different sized vessels (small, medium, tall) 
    that communicates those words

    The words I was given was 
    "delicate + soft"
    To me delicate is something subtle, almost unnoticeable,
     I wanted to design vessels where a person has to approach 
    my object carefully as if it's fragile but welcoming as 
    well because of its softness


  • Process

    Primary Sketches
    earliest explorations of what kind of 
    forms "delicate+soft" can take shape

  • Secondary Sketches
    filtered sketches of some of my favorites from the 
    earlier sketches that seemed most successful 
    communicating "delicate + soft"

  • Modelmaking
    miniature plasticine models for rapid 3D exploration

    final models are made out of blue foam coated with 
    joint compound and acrylic gesso as finish

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