Internship at Purchase Point Design (2017 Summer)

  • 2017 Summer Industrial Internship at Purchase Point Design LLC 
    - Product display designs using 2D and 3D programs

    (*Pictures shown below are the versions with logos and call to actions removed.) 
  • This is a design I did for a outdoor recreation products company. The key design driver behind the bottle design is remaining the coolness of water, particularly targeting at people who work out a lot.

  • This was the first time I did 3D modeling using a 3D program. At first, I started with analyzing the cases and listed the features the products and company embrace. Then, I did some sketches to think about the main structure considering the categories of the products. I talked with the designers and tried different approaches to build the main structure in 3Ds Max by breaking the structure into several sections.

  • While designing for this case, the problem that I encountered was that the first call out for the two sizes on top, as shown at the first shelf, was not provided by the client company. Due to some miscommunication between the office in Taiwan, the headquarter in Chicago, US and the client, I used the call out caption as alternative rather than leaving a blank on the shelf.
  • The blades at both sides are designed for creating a border between our client's products with other competitors, intended to make the products stand out from others. Also, the choice of different images at two sides allow the customers to see the graphics both at once.

  • This pallet design is for a pet feed company. The main feature of the product is to show the delightfulness and desire when dogs are eating it. 
    (*Please note that the callout here is wiped out here instead of a blank yellow plain.)
  • Originally, the structure was to make the dog popping out to fetch a frisbee. However, due to the limitation of the corrugate, I decided to make the graphic stable, but still remaining the playfulness within the design. 

  •  I encountered problems, such as choice of material and material limitation against the form, etc. To solve these problems, I looked up lots of existing display design examples as well as figuring out the structure by inspecting the tangible designs in the studio. After that, the primary structure was built, followed by making 2D graphics using Photoshop and applying them to the surfaces.
  • -

    The entire process of producing the designs: analyzing the case - brainstorming the best way to display - sketching the structures - building 3D structure in 3D modeling program - create 2D to be incorporated in the structure - polishing at the end. I encountered lots of difficult challenges in each phase. However, I used different approach to solve the problems, at the same time, learned a lot of skills & real task that are different from our school projects. To me, this was really a breaking point in my design career.