Hidden Food Project

  • Hidden Food Project is a public art project that invites local residents and visitors to participate. From May 15th to May 25th, 2016, 200 hand-made ceramic donuts were placed in selected locations around Providence for people to search for or simply discover by accident.

    Each of the 200 donuts was labeled on the bottom with a serial number and the hashtag of the project, while the tops featured a wide range of glazed, frostings and sprinkles. The team took a photograph of each area where we left the donut in and post it to the project's Instagram. The thought is that some people will go looking for the donuts, while others will stumble upon them by accident. Anyone who finds a donut is encouraged to post a picture of themselves with it and add it to Instagram with the tag #hiddenfoodproject

    The idea of a ceramic food is to create a psychological gap that people would always experience in daily life. We all had the experience of joy when something is much easier than you thought it would be, for example, easily lifting a book that looks very heavy. The heavy and solid ceramic food will create as interesting experience in an opposite way.
  • We are continuing Hidden Food Project to reveal the relationship between Seattle and salmon, San Francisco and California roll. Please follow the project instagram @hiddenfoodproject. More ceramic food is on its way to more other cities.