Cafe 1

    *This is an adaptive-reuse project that transforms the currently unoccupied 82 Weybosset Street in Providence, Rhode Island into a coffee shop.

         Café 1 features a wooden curve that travels through the entire space, transforming itself into different types of furniture and alternating the existing space in various ways. From the high bar tables to the low benches, the curve creates a wide range of seating options, giving individuals the opportunities to find their unique and most comfortable way of experiencing the space. 
         Café 1 does not wish to define but wants to encourage in the subtlest way. Just like the wooden curve simultaneously caters to all sorts of needs and unites the entire space, 1 Café aspires to not only provide individuals with relaxation for the moment but also open up opportunities for the community as a whole to have meaningful encounters and conversations in the long term.

  • *Design Process

  • *Physical Model