• Slump.

    "Slump" is a upholstery piece that provides a comfortable surface for user's body. 
    Arching shape is designed to instruct people how to put their body on it as it reminds us the shape of body. 
    Help yourself with your own imagination. Let's slump.

    Material/ Plywood, maple veneer, weaving canvas
    Color/ Mustard yellow.
  • Gesture doodle.
  • We cheer for freedom;
    we cheer for success;
    we cheer for revolution;
    we cheer for individuality.
    Take a minute and do whatever you want, do not care about anything, dance, if you want, jump, lie on the ground.
    Remember: Let your body control you. Not a chair, not a table, not a bed, not a house.
    Listen to your body.
    We were born for dancing and movement.
    Let's dance.