• Drape.

    The status and gestures we show when we are in some particular moods, like  frustrated, depressed or overwhelmed suggest what kind of support our bodies really need. People do not have enough time to think through their actions , all movements and gestures are subconscious , and this refers to instinctual. The subconsciousness somehow exposes the real needs of body.
    My thesis discovers a series of gestures that reveal modern people ’s moods and creates a different and untraditional way to support the body based on those gestures.
  • gesture doodle.

  • Depending on different needs when we relax our body in standing gesture. I design "Drape" in two different sizes, shorter one for people to bend over their bodies and "drape" themselves on it, and the taller one is like a support when people only need a surface to relax upper part of body.

    Colour/Baby blue. Creamy yellow.