Rout Supply Co.

  • Branding, packaging, collateral, and UI design for a skateboard bearings company. Photography by Erik Ursin.
  • Inspired by vintage product packaging, Rout's brand aesthetic is bold, confident, and accessible. In a sea of visual noise and racing stripes, Rout stands out.
  • Most bearings companies tend toward loud racing motifs and bright colors. In comparison, Rout packaging has a hand-made and printerly quality. During the design process, our tiny creative team worked from an office that was attached to a skate shop, allowing us the opportunity to test how well our prototypes stood out in the in the bearing case throughout the process.
  • Expressive and playful secondary type elements look fast. Custom typography incorporates speed lines to convey product characteristics— no accompanying text necessary!
  • There were many sketches and iterations that lead us to our final designs. We experimented with type, verbiage and material.