Knot Springs

  • Knot Springs is a beautiful spa in Southeast Portland complete with soaking pools, a steam room, and a sauna. Uniquely, they're the only spa in Portland that encourages socialization instead of quiet refuge.
  • Knot Springs needed collateral and promotional materials, and they came to us with an existing but outdated brochure they'd printed in the past. I proposed a similar piece folded up in fours. This small, square format is unique and feels good to hold. It folds down to a square cover with their logo blown up front-and-center.
  • The booklet unfolds to reveal a soft image of the Springs made up of printer's bitmap dots for a subdued quality. Paired with the limited color palette, this gives the brochure a printerly feel. Since Knot Springs is unique in that they encourage socialization, the tagline "Portland's Social Club" is the primary message on the spread.
  • Totally unfolded, the back of the booklet shows Knot Springs offerings. The dramatically scaled logo works as an abstracted background element to further build brand association without simply slapping another logo onto the piece.
  • When folded up, the back of the piece breaks down membership and pricing options. The plant imagery is informed by the lush plants that hang over the Knot Springs pools, which are weaved into a custom macramé installation by Emily Katz. This is one of the most memorable and iconic qualities of the space.
  • Following queues from the folded brochure, heavy paper stock cards with the same printerly feel hold Knot Springs Golden Tickets.
  • To allow the Golden Ticket to entice, a semi transparent mylar envelope holds the goods. 
  • Note cards were also requested for internal memos and notes from staff.
  • In addition to Golden Tickets, lucky recipients can also receive discount cards. The color of the discount cards needed to stand out, yet live well with the subdued neutral tones accompanying them.