• “Shifting” is a two channel video installation. The idea came up from the previous project when I just arrived at the United States. It is called “Supper”, in which I filmed myself having dinner with myself in the different timeline. I realized that most of time I was actually facing myself instead of others, and I have been always looking for “who am I?”

    In this newer video, I add to this basic question another concept, which is the issue of adaption into the new culture. In this video project, I act as one person with blue hair, and at the same time, as another with black hair, dressed very differently, in a sort of dual-personality role. I let the two characters sit on different sides of a long western style table, which keeps them far from each other. For me, the long table is a kind of the symbol to represent different social manner between Chinese and western society.
  • Exhibition View in the Digital Media Biennale, Gelman Gallery, Providence, USA, 2012