"Drop It Low" Furniture Collection

  • The “Drop it Low” furniture collection is a playful and interactive seating experience. Inspired by courtship and protective rituals in nature, the collection seeks to catch bystander’s attention and invite them to engage with both the sitter and the chair. This collection furthers the investigation started in the “Stretch Lounge” collaboration and digs deeper into material juxtaposition, color play, and hidden patterns. The knit fabrics are reversible, washable, and interchangeable. 
  • An investigation in color play:
    The system below represents how color can change the impression of an image. The dark green and pink square in the top left, for example, represents what a closed fabric might look like. The square immediately below it represents how the the fabric would change when the tubes expand and one additional color is introduced in a stripe. The shapes are inspired by the forms of the chairs, which were derived from the original "Stretch Lounge".